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Steve(fiance) Lee (ex-boyfriend)
Jill (mother)
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Laura (sister) Bernadette (niece) Steve (Brother in Law)

Becky is one of the two protagonists in the television series Him & Her. She is portrayed by Sarah Solemani.


Becky is 24. She's pretty but definitely not a girly girl. She's also living on benefits because work is too much hassle. Like Steve she likes eating, sleeping, drinking and having sex.

Becky is popular - her friends and family adore her but she can never be bothered with them. She's no angel, and can be sarcastic sometimes to the point of meanness, seeing straight through Steve. But in Steve she knows, deep down, she's finally found her soulmate.

Becky is particularly tolerant when it comes to her sister's selfishness. Indeed on numerous occasions Becky has been at the receiving end of hurtful remarks and humiliation from Laura. For example in the 3rd episode of Series 4: The Ceremony, Laura made her deliver a speech she had written herself in which she declares how much prettier and smarter she is than Becky. Following the revelation that Paul has been having a relationship with a 58 year old man named Graham, Becky comforts a drunk and devastated Laura, reminding her that she loves her.

Before going out with Steve she was in a 4 year relationship with Lee.