Caroline Edit

Caroline is the registrar at Laura and Paul's wedding. She is seen first in Series 4: Episode 2 The Arrivals, but plays a larger role in Episode :3 The Ceremony.

Having consumed a lot of champagne and some whisky whilst getting dressed and during the limo ride before, Laura is already drunk at the start of the ceremony.

Laura is openly rude and disrespectful to Caroline who is conducting the ceremony. Caroline is clearly irritated by Laura's behaviour but remains calm, composed and professional. Later on, after Laura sees Paul's texts to Graeme, Caroline suspects something is wrong and enquires if everything is ok. Paul politely asks if they can talk outside, however, Laura demands they proceed, rudely harassing Caroline to finish the ceremony quickly, the latter obliging.

Caroline is played by Robin Weaver. She is joined in this episode by two co-stars from 'The Inbetweeners' including Jonny Sweet (who plays Paul's half-brother Ian) and fellow Inbetweener mum Victoria Willing (playing Becky and Laura's Aunt sue).