Graham is Paul's lover whom he was seeing whilst with Laura. He is played by Paul Clayton.

Character DevelopmentEdit

Paul first mentions Graham as someone he knows from the gym. He makes his first appearance in Series 3 where it is hinted that he is having a relationship with Paul. The relationship is confirmed in Series 4 Episode 1: The Morning when both Becky and Steve witness Paul kissing Graham outside his room.

Later that day Graham asks Paul to call off the wedding and leave Laura for him. Whilst initially agreeing and flushing the wedding rings down a toilet (Steve takes the blame for this), Paul's plan fails thanks to Lee's intervention and the wedding goes ahead (Graham being a witness). Laura finds out during the ceremony after reading a text from Graham on Paul's phone where he admits to not loving her and his plan to leave her. Instead of ending the relationship Laura proceeds with the marriage. 

At the speeches, though Paul denies it Laura correctly deduces that Paul's speech was directed at Graham.

By the time the disco starts in the evening Laura has given Paul an ultimatum; if he leaves her for Graham he will never see Bernadette. After pushing Dan over and smashing up a toilet cubicle in anger, Paul ends the relationship with Graham and decides to stay with Laura, claiming that Bernadette needs both her biological parents and that Graham is too old for him (Graham is 58). Graham allegedly took the breakup badly as Paul told him over the phone to stop crying.


Graham is a local councillor and get s irritated when people think he works for the local council.

He has a blue badge on his car due to back problems.

Unlike Paul he is well spoken but comes across as rather condescending, particularly towards Paul.