Jill is wife to Nigel, mother to Becky and Laura, Mother in law to Paul, Grandmother to Bernadette and sister to Sue. She first appears in Series 1 and is a minor recurring character throughout.

Characterisation: Edit

Jill is a softy spoken and gentle character. As a result Nigel (in Steve's words) "walks all over her" whilst Laura treats here with virtually no respect. Becky on the other hand treats her mother better but is not above making fun of her. According to Steve she is "a silly little bitch" with "a shit sense of humour".

Trivia: Edit

Like her husband she does not approve of Steve but is generally more subtle about her feelings, however she did hint to Becky that there was always a bed at her house.

She 'works' for Laura and Paul as a cleaner and is paid £6.00 an hour (which Laura thinks is very generous despite it being lower than Minimum Wage). Laura aggressively reprimanded her mother for not cleaning a window sill, drinking a cup of tea and having a piece of toblerone with it. Jill had been unable to clean the window sill due to Laura erecting a play house in front of it. Instead of standing up for herself Jill meekly apologised to Laura. Paul told her not to worry about it and paid her some extra money.

She goes to church.

She likes Chinese food.

Laura announced at a family gathering that she and Jill were going to join the British National Party (BNP). Jill denies this stating that she was only reading their leaflet which was posted through her door.

The night before Laura and Paul's wedding Laura took her to a discotheque and forced her to take shots of a "green liquid" getting her very drunk. As a result she was very hungover on the morning of the wedding and had to leave the ceremony after her reading (possibly to be sick). She did not attend the wedding breakfast as she had to go to bed.