"I think they prefer him to me" (Steve)

Lee is Becky's ex-boyfriend. They went out for 4 and a half years. He makes his first appearance in Series 4, Episode 1: The Morning. He was the Master of Ceremonies at Paul and Laura's wedding. Lee is played by Nick Blood.

Character DevelopmentEdit

Becky's family are apparently still close to Lee and treat him like part of the family, whilst treating Steve with cold indifference if not dislike. These include Nigel, Jill, Laura, and Sue and Dennis.

Whilst their relationship is over Lee still has feelings for Becky. The wedding was the first time he met Steve and it is evident that he clearly dislikes him. He constantly puts Steve down by poking fun at the fact that he proposed to Becky in his flat and spends the whole day hoovering around her trying to convience her that he is not good enough and will leave her when he finds out she is pregnant. His plan ultimately fails as Steve takes the news well.


Lee is in the armed forces and has recently returned from Afghanistan.

Lee goes ten pin bowling with Nigel once a week.

Lee inadvertently ruined Paul's plan to run away with Graham. Paul flushes the wedding rings down a toilet and Steve is blamed, Paul tries to use the loss of the rings to cancel the wedding, however Lee (in a calculated attempt to upstage Steve) reveals that he has 2 spare rings, meaning that the ceremony can go ahead.