Nigel is Becky and Laura's father, husband to Jill, grandfather to Bernadette and as of season 4 Paul's father in law. He is played by Ralph Brown.

Personality and Traits Edit

Nigel has a dry sense of humour; a fact which is verified by his wife.

Relationship with other characters Edit

Nigel and Steve do not have a good relationship. Nigel intensely dislikes Steve and makes no secret of this, particularly when denying Steve his permission to marry Becky, threatening to "break his fucking neck" if he proposed to Becky. Steve in turn hates Nigel calling him "such a prick" on one occasion.

According to Steve, Nigel "walks all over" his wife Jill.

Like the majority of the characters Nigel panders to Laura's selfishness and stupidity but is not above reprimanding her when she is rude to her mother.

He remains close with Becky's ex-boyfriend Lee with whom he goes ten-pin bowling at least once a week and who was the master of ceremonies at Laura and Paul's wedding.

Nigel first met Shelly in series 3 after Becky and Steve had been burgled. He was attracted to her physically and spent the day flirting with her to Dan's chagrin Later he asked Steve for Shelly's mobile number. At Laura and Paul's wedding he tried to make a move on Shelly whilst Jill was upstairs in bed sleeping off a hangover. At first she politely rejected him, but he would not stop. After Dan unsuccessfully tried to stop him, Shelly slapped Nigel across the face, hitting him hard enough to make his nose bleed.