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Camille Coduri
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Keiran (son)

Shelly is a fictional character in the television series Him & Her. She is portrayed by Camille Coduri.


Shelly is a sweet, softly spoken and kind lady. She is Laura's best friendl; possibily her only friend. She is very timid and as a result is something of a dogsbody to Laura and is unable to stand up to her. Like Becky, Nigel, Jill and Paul, Shelly panders to Laura's selfishness.


Shelly was a bridesmaid at Laura and Paul's wedding. On the morning her fake tan went badly wrong, turning her skin a very dark brown, which Laura mocked her for.

She has a son named Keiran who was a page boy at the same wedding.

Nigel came onto Shelly at the wedding disco. Despite politely rejecting him, Nigel continued to come onto her and she hit him in the face causing him to fall over and his nose to bleed. She was very shaken up by this, thinking that she had killed him.