The Argument
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 11th October 2010
Previous The Parents
Next The Move

The Argument is the sixth and last episode of the first series of Him & Her which was first broadcast on 11th October 2010.

Summary Edit

Steve and Becky are drunk and arguing. They storm back into the flat, soon followed by their even drunker friends and Jamie, Becky's oldest friend.

While everyone drinks Steve's drinks and eats all his food, Steve tries in vain to deal with Becky and her close friendship with Jamie.

Eventually, he can't take it any more and locks Becky in the bathroom - he has something he really needs to get off his chest.

Jamie is Becky's gay friend, aged 23. He's quite good-looking, in a boy-band way. Steve finds him intimidating. He's the über-Becky - mean and nasty without any of Becky's lovely caring warmth. He enjoys the laughs he gets from belittling other people. He's a bully but with a smile on his face that lets him get away with it.